Numerous issues

… can arise from not changing your oil. Most manufacturers now consider their Automatic transmission fluid to be “lifetime oil” , but this will not make them immune to degradation over time, and upkeep is still needed to get the most out of your automatic transmission.

By draining and refilling you can leave up-to 60% of the total fluid inside the torque converter, Valve body and cooler lines!?

C R Allen is equipped with a gearbox fluid flushing machine, capable of changing up-to 98% of the oil within your automatic transmission.

So if you are experiencing one or more of the following problems this may be what you need.

The Benefits

Preventing Lock Up

It will save you money – A transmission flush will cost far less money then replacing an entirely new transmission.

Running cleaner – A cleaner automatic transmission will be a more efficient one.

Restore Fuel Economy

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